Assalamualaikum, kepada semua pembaca....

Hai, namaku Muhammad luqman hakim bin Daud. dulu aq skola kt S.M.K. Tun Hussein Onn. aq buknnya baik sngat tapi aq akan cuba jadi seowg yg baik serta pemurah. jdi tlong bantu aq jadi sorang budak yg baik . Ok bye...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Perhaps I should say that I love you..
that I love you..
you're more than all that is in the imaginary and cream..
more beautiful than just a dream that will disappear when we realized..

O my beautiful girl..
it must be you already know that this feelinf has been plaguing..
this turmoil almost made me fall from my imaginary...
and should have you know that i am tormented by this feeling..

I was tormented by the injustice keep this feeling..
I should have realized this love just for you..
just yourself alone..
you should know that i love you..
even if they do not want to hear and indifferent..
despite the gloomy earth, so to me..

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