Assalamualaikum, kepada semua pembaca....

Hai, namaku Muhammad luqman hakim bin Daud. dulu aq skola kt S.M.K. Tun Hussein Onn. aq buknnya baik sngat tapi aq akan cuba jadi seowg yg baik serta pemurah. jdi tlong bantu aq jadi sorang budak yg baik . Ok bye...

Friday, 1 June 2012


The future is something no one knows;
it is just that comes and goes;
it is a time that has to come;
no matter what is said or done.

When we think of tomorrow;
will it be joy, will it be sorrow?
no one can tell, no one can say;
for it is unknown day.

Friends will comes and go;
but life is just so and so;
we have times good and bad;
times happy and sad

We cannot always think of the past;
for years go by very fast;
no matter what tomorrow will be
it is only today we can see.